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I can't say enough about these people, especially Erica, who always grooms my little one. I've grown up with dogs and have been to many pet salons, and I have never come across a more caring, competent group of groomers than the staff at Euphuria. I love that the same person grooms my dog each time she goes in. It makes her feel a lot more comfortable and at ease, and Maya can be a pretty anxious dog when separated from her mom. Erica has groomed her perfectly each time. When I ask her to do something different, she always listens and follows-through. My dog returns happy and healthy, and though bathing is not at the top of her list of things to do, she really seems to like going to Euphuria. I'm the kind of mom that likes to pick up my dog as soon as she's through so that she doesn't have to sit in a crate all day, but this last time I brought her in, I was held up at work, unable to pick her up until the end of the day. The people at Euphuria were so accommodating. They walked her, made sure she had enough water, and kept an eye on her until I was able to come pick her up. It is so refreshing to know that when I drop off my dog, she is in good hands and will be given the best possible care.

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